Meet Our Team members


Chief Executive Officer

A banking professional with extensive experience in the financial industry across Europe, Australia and Singapore. He has consulted various companies, advised on trading system enhancements and led the implementation of technology projects. Nicola has obtained an MBA from Melbourne Business School and he is passionate about start-ups and disruptive new technologies. His expertise covers economics, finance as well as process efficiency and innovation.


Co-Founder & President

Mario has spent over 20 years as an advisor, entrepreneur, executive and investor in the B2B technology space. He is currently the Managing Partner of FutureLabs Ventures, a distinctive VC & Venture builder and was formerly the co-founder of McKinsey Solution and Managing Partner of McKinsey Ventures in APAC. Over his career, Mario has also worked for leading organization such as Lehman Brothers, McKinsey & Company and Moody’s Analytics.


Co-Founder & Director

Federico is an investment professional with over 10 years of experience in securities trading, Portfolio Management and Asset Management. During the past years, Federico has successfully launched and developed several investment funds which have been sold to private and institutional investors. Federico is a CFA® Charterholder.


Chief Technology Officer

Passionate by technology, Fabrizio is a strategic IT leader with over 20 years of hands-on experience delivering High End Technology systems for the Financial, Telecommunications and IT Professional Services sectors. His most significant career achievements stems from being CTO of the RESET fintech start up, which today is part of the CME Group and the world's leader in Portfolio basis risk mitigation services. Fabrizio is very comfortable working under pressure on innovative projects with tough deadlines and he truly excels in solving complex IT issues.



Marco has nearly 20 years of experience as a quantitative analyst. He has experience as a company founder (Quantlib), and as head of quantitative research at Statpro. He holds a Masters and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and an undergraduate degree in theoretical physics from the University of Milan. Marco served as a postdoctoral research associate at City College in New York and as an adjunct professor in quantitative finance at the University of Milan-Bicocca (Italy).


Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

A gifted and organized leader which has worked with small & medium enterprises through his career, thriving in the challenge to shape a small company’s culture, structure and organize its capabilities and drive its expansion. For the past 4 years, Filippo has been the CEO of Brotzeit. Previously he held a position as CFO, he is an expert in financial management, investing and is a CFA® Charterholder.


Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

A well-positioned organized, driven and relentless executor. He has over 10 years of experience in Marketing with L’Oreal and Google, where he now holds a position as Head of Sales for Google Maps. His background in consumer brands and tech is the perfect match for the needs of DOMANI to succeed in the ICO market and in recruiting investors.


Branding Advisor

A brand expert and entrepreneur, founded NiCE as a leading creative business in 1993, with headquarter in New York City. He built multiple agencies and leads teams and processes to enable and evolve brand experience in digital age by integrating top creatives, strategists, cognitive science. Calvin Klein, Coca Cola, Coty, Ferrero, Procter & Gamble are few clients to mention among a portfolio filled with many billion dollar brands.


Technology Consultant

Jeff is a technopreneur in tech startups with 10+ years of experience, ranging from starting multiple tech startups as well as being the 6th employee of Symphony, a secure collaboration platform for finance valued at over USD 1.4bn til date, to running a tech recruitment and product development and full-stack and blockchain software engineering consultancy to various companies and startups.


Full Stack Developer

Ricky is a digital nomad with 7+ years of software development experience; his project on Github is listed in the 2020 GitHub Archive Programs. His commitment to critical thinking and attention to detail has gotten him to where he is today.


Blockchain Developer

Alessandro has 7 years of software development experience, of which the last 5 have been spent on blockchain developments.


Blockchain Developers

KNOBS is specialized in blockchain technology since 2014, and provides resources for the development of Dapps, Smart Contracts and blockchain-based services.

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