Introducing AlgoCellar

When managing assets, the main worry (other than the performance) is reliability, in other words, whether you trust who is handling your money.

Specifically, in DeFi, hodling or simply trading your favorite assets requires multiple transactions and prohibitive gas fees, compounded to the n times as many assets that are part of your portfolio.

AlgoCellar is an asset management protocol that empowers anyone to mint, trade, redeem and provide liquidity on non-custodial oracle-less tokenized portfolios.

AlgoCellar tokenized funds can be:

  • minted

  • redeemed (burn AlgoCellar tokenized fund for underlying assets)

  • rebalanced (change AlgoCellar tokenized fund internal asset allocation)

AlgoCellar is built for DeFi to exchange value at a higher velocity without ever losing track of ownership.

Earn rewards and fees by providing liquidity to AlgoCellar tokenized funds.

In building the protocol, we kept in mind several problems.

  • Ownership. If you invested in a fund in TradFi, you would be giving up the right of your hard-earned dollars to the financial institution that will keep the assets on your behalf. While in DeFi, you deposit your hard-earned assets for the right to yield farm via contracts that may not return your collateral.

  • Redemption. AlgoCellar tokenized funds are redeemed easily. Without third-party approval, you can burn the tokenized fund and get back the underlying digital assets permissionlessly. No TradFi-style lock-ups to enjoy the power of asset diversification at your convenience.

  • Price feeds. Decentralized oracles supply price feeds at the cost of significantly increasing the attack vectors of the protocols and the funds they secure. Oracle manipulation is at the center of several hacks that lost billions of dollars in digital assets. AlgoCellar does not need to know about external prices to operate. If the price between dApp and the listed price on DEX is different, traders (arbitrageurs) can step in to profit and align the prices. We built AlgoCellar without oracles because arbitrageurs are a much better solution.

  • Fees. Fund managers earn management fees and performance fees. KLC token holders earn fund launch fees, mint/burn fees, and CombSwap fees.

  • Expertise. AlgoCellar connects users who do not have time to research and users who have time and expertise.

Closing Thoughts

We built AlgoCellar for anyone who likes active management of their assets.

We think connecting those with ideas to capital owners who usually have little time is crucial and efficient.

We welcome Crypto Twitter to monetize strategies using AlgoCellar.

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