Over are the days when the high tide lifts all boats.

From DeFi summer 2020 until November 2021, we’ve seen a tough to repeat 10x, with total market capitalization going from the low US$0.3B to US$3B.

Various factors contributed to this bullish setup, but if we had to pin down the biggest reason, that would be hype.

Those same reasons, turned the market upside down, lopping it by a significant margin. The market is trading at US$0.97B of market cap at the time of writing.

The lull will persist and its a consequence of:

  • unsustainable yields

  • oracle over-reliance: oracles are great for automation but are not so great for decentralization. powerful centralized parties will find ways to game the system. building vaults that rely on automated investment strategies haven’t taken in the cost of the funds being hacked.

  • lack of safe chain interoperability: the largest hacks in $ targeted bridges. The one token model is not sustainable and will lead to many of the same.

  • investor inertia: because of the lull, investors are flooded with noise and are not confident in their research capabilities. Prefer to sit on cash or simply hold losers.

Given the recent rise of interest in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, there is a growing need for professional portfolio management tools and well-established investment techniques.

AlgoCellar provides this infrastructure to deliver superior returns during market lulls and fight market hype during speculative periods.

AlgoCellar brings together fund managers and investors through tokenized funds with active asset allocation capabilities in an oracle-minimized dApp.

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